Volunteers Needed for Social Connection for Older Adults

Call for Volunteers

Caring Calls for Connection: Reducing the Impact of Social Isolation on Older Adults during COVID

A Factor Health Program and Health Research Assessment

Be part of a program and research study to learn how to best support older, homebound adults experiencing social isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Factor Health, a program of Dell Medical School, is looking for volunteers to make daily weekday telephone calls to older, homebound adults experiencing increased social isolation during the COVID 19 pandemic.

The program

Factor Health is conducting a short term (4-week) program and rapid health research assessment where volunteers will provide daily weekday calls to Meals on Wheels clients to provide a source of social connection during the COVID pandemic.

The goals

  • Reduce impacts of social isolation on a group of older, homebound adults during the program
  • Further understanding of what forms of social contact contribute to measurable impacts on mental health and well-being of older, isolated adults.
  • As a Factor Health program, we strive to demonstrate health outcomes of the intervention so that similar interventions could one day be paid for by the healthcare industry.

The opportunity

We need volunteers who would call a panel of older adults, Monday to Friday, for 4 weeks to offer a positive, supportive connection.

The program will begin in early to late July and end in late August, before the beginning of the school semester.

Interested in learning more?

Read more details about this opportunity, or contact Lindsey Engelman at lengelman@austin.utexas.edu to talk about this opportunity.