Volunteers from Google available to help

We have created an ongoing spreadsheet of volunteer / links to non-profit giving opportunities for Googlers to get involved. Please contact me directly if you need volunteers.


Hi @mmatheus,
I am one of the moderators and designers of this forum.
Have you been able to get people to reach out from this post?

Hi - Can you contact me? emily@usbcsd.org Thank you!

Hi @kristin.taylor thanks for asking! Emily is the only one so far.

Hi Emily, emailing you now!

Hi Madison, I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer and help deliver and pick up groceries for seniors in the ATX area. Can you guide me to an organization?

@mmatheus Hi! Brighter Bites is looking for volunteers to support our morning produce distributions Tuesdays - Fridays. Would you please contact me at bethany.dawson@brighterbites.org if you still have this spreadsheet of volunteer opportunities?

Hi! I actually do not recruit volunteer opportunities - I am actually here seeking them for myself and coworkers. However, I do recommend you take a look at this opportunity, Keep Austin Together : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KtFe2cv7coE9IIvzCQpck99lLBG06L8OfNL5Zlks6Ns/edit

It is a prepared meals program that distributes meals per day across nonprofits to many vulnerable and food insecure people in Travis County.

You can add your contact information here: https://mokshika996402.typeform.com/to/uLO4zM

Current help is needed in helping cooks and chefs at the two prepared meal sites, and helping partner organizations distribute meals to individuals.


Hi Bethany, sorry for the delay here! Yes, we still have the spreadsheet ongoing. Emailing you shortly!