NEED food bags for homeless distribution - The Other Ones Foundation

The Other Ones Foundation is hard at work coordinating and executing a humanitarian response for people experiencing homelessness as the usual resources continue to dry up in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. On Saturday, we rolled out our Mobile Hygiene Clinic. The program is aiming to bring hygiene (showers and toilets) into the community as well as some other basic needs. We are hearing from people that they are hungry and have nowhere to get food. We need to get food out to people, and we need a lot of help doing it. The mobile hygiene clinic will be visiting 6 sites, each once a week. We are looking for food bags that contain a one week supply of food that can be distributed at each of these stops. A food bag should contain calorie dense, non-perishable, single serving items. A food bag should not contain anything home made, perishable, or any liquids, like bottled water. Water will be available apart from these food bags. Also, items should not require cooking or refrigeration. Peanut butter/jelly, nuts, tuna and chicken packets, spam, canned soups, single serve fruit and veggie cups, beef jerky, tortillas, granola bars, and such are all great. Please consider reaching out across your networks and getting some of these food bags prepped to go out with our Mobile Hygiene Clinic. Bags can be dropped off to TOOF HQ right behind the Oak Hill United Methodist Church at 7815 Hwy 290 78736. Pickup can be coordinated by emailing me or by calling 512.568.7557 or


Update on this: Please contact me (Max) at I am the point of contact for this program! Thanks everybody!

Edited the post–thanks Max.

Any sense of how many folks you’re expecting to serve at each site or each week?