NEED dry goods for Food Not Bombs

Canned food (beans, sauce, etc…)
grains, lentils, pasta, dried fruit
spices, salt, herbs
jarred food (pickles, olives, etc…)
togo containers
food handling gloves, hairnets
cleaning supplies for kitchens
limited cooking/garbage disposal
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I work for a company called Kibo Foods and we just launched last September with our first products, 3 flavors of chickpea chips. They have a ton of nutrition and have been extremely well received flavor wise as well (picky eater/kid-friendly). Since SXSW and several other events were cancelled we have ample product to donate to the Austin community. Could you utilize our 4oz bags for this program? Here is our website to learn more:



Thank you for reaching out.

Food Not Bombs collects food donations from various sources around town and cooks free healthy vegetarian meals for the community. We also accept prepackaged food items to distribute when we are not cooking.

The Kibo chips look delicious and nutritious, and they probably have a relatively long shelf life. We will be able to distribute to plenty of folks in need around Austin.

How much can you donate? What can I do to coordinate a donation from Kibo Foods?

Thanks for your generosity and interest,


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Hi Katherine,

Thank you for your reply! I am speaking with someone at to coordinate. I think we could donate upwards of 1,000 samples.

Thank you,