Looking for summer seeds

I need seed for a summer garden. I have been in isolation and most of the garden centers are closed anyway but it’s never been a better time to work in the yard! I would really love okra and watermelon if anyone has some to spare. Open to other possibilities as well.

Also, if you need beet greens I have you covered.

Hi, I have been starting my seeds. I do have some longhorn okra seeds that sprout very quickly, and some green gopher melon seeds from a farmer in the area, and some New Zealand spinach seeds that should be good for the hot weather. May have some watermelon seeds, but I think cantaloupe do better in the area…if you want any.
How can I get them too you?

Do you want some seeds?
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My friend Shannon Brown with Ecosystem Regeneration Artisans lost the roof on her River Bottom Farm-stand in San Marcos last night. Hundreds of seed packets were rained on and these seeds need to get into the soil or some other germination process ASAP (by Tuesday) or else they will be a loss. She is selling these for $1.50 per packet and has 190 packets left in the varieties listed HERE.
(note: the # of packets listed includes both wet & still-dry packets; the dry seeds are $2.95 per packet)

I’m coordinating seed distribution for folks in the Austin area (laid out in detail below). If you live closer to San Marcos please contact Shannon directly at ecoregenartisans@gmail.com to put in an order.

So, for Austin area folk:
If you want to buy some of these for personal or commercial use:
Email both me — Alytharp@gmail.com – and Shannon – ecoregenartisans@gmail.com – with your order requests. Wet packets are $1.50, dry packets are $2.95. For payment, Venmo would work best (pay to @ShannieOakleigh and leave a comment tagging @Aly-Tharp) — if that won’t work for you, let us know what works for you in your email.

If you are willing to grow/distribute these seeds to support local food access/sovereignty/justice:
I want to give these seeds away for free to low-income gardeners/farmers and to folks who will give a good portion of the harvest away for free/no-profit to people/communities in need.I’ve already raised the funds to give away 80 packets. If you would like some packets (or can help give them away to folks fitting the above description), text me at 469-879-9744 with your name / project (if any) / seed varieties and quantities you’d like / and any other pertinent info.

If you would like to donate funds to this cause, you can send me funds through Venmo (@Aly-Tharp) ) or Paypal (alytharp@gmail.com), or we can work out a cash donation down the road when the virus slows down and I will front your contribution to pay Shannon. Email or text me to let me know. Thank you! Sending blessings and well wishes for your health and safety
Aly Tharp
Festival Beach Food Forest community relations/outreach co-chair

UPDATE: I have about 40 packets of seeds that a crew will be transplanting for give-away to low-income gardeners/farmers and folks who will give a good portion of the harvest away for free/no-profit to people/communities in need.

Those interested can contact me at 469-879-9744 with your name / name of project (if any) / what you’re looking for / any other pertinent info.

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