Good Apple offering grocery delivery services

Application for services:

Offering free grocery delivery for the elderly and immunocompromised. Still have capacity to serve more people.

ATD and Good Apple are prioritizing East Austin zip codes, we will try to serve as many people who need services as possible.

Needs: Could use assistance sourcing grocery staples (e.g., canned vegetables and fruits, milk, peanut butter, rice)

Contact: Zack Timmons ( or 254-224-7675)


Samantha- I’m working with an affordable housing community in east Austin called thinkEAST apartments (1143 Shady Lane). A few of the elderly residents have mentioned they are running out of food. Two of them don’t read. I tried to fill out the online request application but wondering if we could maybe chat by phone about this community to understand how we might work together to meet their needs. I also have been collecting staples and food pantry items that could potentially go to these residents or others.
Best, Diana Siebenaler


Hi Diana,

Thanks so much for connecting on this forum. I’m going to refer to you to Zack Timmons with Good Apple:

Cell: 254.224.7675


Thanks Samantha. I just called and emailed Zack.

Zack was fantastic! We brainstormed around feeding 7 elderly homebound residents in an affordable housing community. Appreciate everything that GoodApple Foods is doing right now!