Gathering leftover food from restaurants

I know restaurants/groceries throw away a lot of food at the end of the night shift - it would be great to gather these and hand them out to folks instead of throwing them away. I know a few people and organizations that are doing this now but it would be nice to expand to other places.

Ideally things like bread, pastries, or packaged food like salads/sandwiches would be easy to pick up and distribute.

additionally, if a restaurant or business is closing it would be nice to distribute the produce they have instead of it going to waste or spoiling!


Yes–it might be worth reaching out to Keep Austin Fed to see where there are gaps in this effort. I have a meeting with her tomorrow and I will see if they can identify surplus that’s not currently being captured.

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Hi. We (Keep Austin Fed) have been collecting surplus food from a number of restaurants as they have had to clear out their coolers of produce due to declining sales. If there are particular restaurants that you know of that find food going to waste, please let us know. We’d be happy to reach out to more.


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Good to know, thank you! Are you also collecting from restaurants that are still open? Also do you need any help distributing/cooking the surplus food?

We are in pretty good shape with volunteers to collect surplus food right now. We are not getting many calls from restaurants currently, primarily (I think) because they have reduced their food supply by so much.