Food request for diabetic, heart patient without transportation

My friend is unable to drive or walk alone safely. Is there any way you can help get a few groceries (vegetables and basics) delivered? You can contact me at 512-632-3766 or contact Mr. Spaar directly at 500 East Riverside Drive, Apartment #146, Austin, TX 78704. His telephone # is 512-750-6828.

Your friend may be eligible for delivery through Good Apple. Application for services:

They offer free grocery delivery for the elderly and immunocompromised. Still have capacity to serve more people.

Good Apple is prioritizing East Austin zip codes, but they will try to serve as many people who need services as possible.

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Thank you for the suggestion - I have completed their application for services. Fingers crossed. I have tried to use HEB delivery and Instacart for grocery delivery services for him (I am willing to pay for it), but I can’t get any orders through – even through Saturday (April 4th).

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