Family in need. Please help

Single mom with three kids. Im only working 5-10 hours a week. With hardly no money coming in, Im starting to run out. Its scary and Im freaking out.

So sorry to hear that. Call 211 for up-to-date info on resources that might for you.

Where are you located? Would sending groceries help? Or is cooking an added burden?

This organization can help with food. email Send them your address, drop off info, food preference or allergens. They will delivery food (Depending on inventory it can be groceries and/or ready made food)

@csuazo618 - Can you tell me more about foodnotbombsatx? Are they delivering to anyone in need? If not, what are the parameters (geographic boundaries, age minimum, etc)?


Groceries would be wonderful. I cook every night, its a lot cheaper than eating out.

Thank you for that information.

@Kristy13 I will send you a Blue Apron meal kit (its about 8+ servings). It can be delivered in two weeks, so it’s not immediate help but it’s something. I have one free box that I don’t need. If you’re interested text me, I can tell you more how it will work and get your address. my cell: 631-741-seven498

@Monica-GAVA Food not bombs want to connect food to people. Currently they have been making and delivering food to the homeless camps. If they knew of other people to help, they will. They are wanting to find pathways to reach people who need food at home. In regards to parameters, it’s more of an honor system. They are not selective of who “deserves” their help.

Public Food Resources brochure

@Kristy13 Have you been able to look at the Connect ATX food resources? There might be programs in there that can get you food sooner than later.

AISD is also providing meals for school aged children.

Hi beauty, I’d like to send you a small gift. How can I do that?

Do you have a Venmo or other account? Link it here or message me directly and I will send you some funds.

Be well.